Inside Rachel Zoe's Brand-New NYC Hair Salon, DreamDry

(Photo by Getty)

From the second you waltz through the elaborate glass doors and enter the chevron-patterned foyer of DreamDry, it's at once apparent, Rachel Zoe's been there. "We all joke that the inside of the salon looks exactly like Rachel's place," one hairstylist told us.

This week, we popped by the celebrity stylist's just-opened blowdry and styling salon, located in NYC's Flatiron District, to check out the products, test out the services, and see what happens when RZ's signature flair is translated to, uh, hair. In one word, DreamDry was ba-na-nas — in the best way possible! (Sorry, had to...)

When you first walk in, you'll find four iPads secured to the wall, each of which feature a slideshow of all the Hollywood-inspired hairstyles available for your choosing.

For $40 flat rate you can get the "Audrey," a high polished bun; the "Farrah," loose waves; or the "Brigitte," super-sexy wave, to name a few. Or for just $20 to $30, you can pick from a slew of dry-styled (meaning no wash included) looks like fishtails, waterfall braids, or side chignons.

As for the products, Zoe naturally went with a fashion favorite brand — Oribe! Our stylist's desk was loaded up with all the good stuff. Check it out:

When our blowout and waterfall braid was complete — clearly all those braided styles at Fashion Week inspired us! — our stylist snapped a photo of it, and uploaded the pic to DreamDry's Dossier, an online database where you can keep track of your past hairstyles and rack up rewards points.

DreamDry is located at 35 West 21st Street and is open from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Not a Big Apple resident? Here's a sneak peek of what the salon looks like inside:

A fluffy, velveteen couch sits perched above a chevron-print floor in the reception area.

The DreamDry logo upon entering the salon.

The end tables are chock-full of chic reads.

How cute are the stylists' desks? Very Rachel Zoe, no?