The Best Hair & Beauty Looks at the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant (Vote Now!)

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Narrowing down the best beauty looks at a beauty pageant, sorry, scholarship program (name that movie...) isn't easy, but there were a few ladies who took the crown for the most beautiful of the bunch—and surprisingly, half of our picks weren't even the main attractions of the night.

From host of the night (and our Look of the Day!) Giuliana Rancic's incredible cheekbones to the Miss Universe 2012 winner Olivia Culpo's big ol' ballet bun, check out the prettiest looks from the pageant. And don't forget to vote for your favorite in our poll, below!

Giuliana Rancic's killer cheekbones and nails:

Alongside her fellow co-host of the evening, Andy Cohen, TV star Giuliana Rancic made a strong case for contouring with her sharply sculpted bronzer and flushed cheeks. Shimmery disco-ball-dotted nails made her look all the more charming, except we kiiiind of wish she had taken the spray tan down a notch or two. It's a little Ross Gellar-y, no?

Holly Madison's pageant hair:

The contestants we're the only ones rocking "pageant hair" last night. Former Playboy bunny Holly Madison fit right in with the crowd with her shiny blonde locks smoothed into big, bouncy curls—the only thing setting her apart from the gals on stage? That adorable baby bump!

Claudia Jordan's bubble-gum pink lips:

2012 Miss Universe Pageant - Arrivals

Pageant judge Claudia Jordan looked just as lovely as the women she was analyzing with spider-like false lashes and super-bright bubblegum lips. Doesn't the color pop perfectly against her glowy complexion?

Olivia Culpo's blogger bun:

At first we thought Olivia Culpo has been reading way too many fashion blogs—since she's rocking the infamously humongous "blogger" topknot—but now we realize, she just needed something to keep that crown up. (Kidding! Kind of...) Her scarlet red lips also played up her long-sleeved velvet gown.

All the Miss Universe contestants' clear, vibrant skin:

If there's any takeaway to gain from watching pageant girls strut their stuff, it's to adopt their devotion to skin care. You can bet your bottom dollar that these girls never ever sleep in their mounds of pageant makeup. And with all those strapless dresses—and, uh, bikinis—you know they pamper and nourish their skin like none other.

BONUS: Pageant judge Lisa Vanderpump's puppy, Giggy:

MEEP! It's a fluffy puppy in a shiny bow-tie and matching tuxedo bib! Do you think this little guy, Giggy, is cute enough to blow away the competition? Let's find out! Cast your vote in our poll and sound off for your favorite in the comments, below.

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