Want Perfect Hair? Well, You Can Now Send Your Manfriend to Blowout Classes!

(Photo by Getty)

Sure, you (hopefully) trust your manfriend with your heart, but, um... what about your hair? Would you ever leave that in his hands?

Well, some women—more specifically, middle-aged New York women, from the looks of Good Morning America's hard-hitting report yesterday—are forgoing their spendy three-day-a-week blowout appointments (which can cost an upward of $6,000 a year) in lieu of personalized blowout classes, not for themselves... for their husbands.

Yup, for a total steal of only $2,400, you can schlep your investment banker hubby to six hands-on two-hour long sessions at NYC's Louis Licari Salon, in which he'll learn the ins and outs of attending to your mane while you sit there sipping on your morning mimosa.

Check out GMA's segment on the phenomenon, below:

Ridiculous or genius?