Axe Body Spray Nearly Kills a Kid, Bradley Cooper in Hair Curlers, and More!

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Axe body spray — the "cologne" of choice to frat daddies, Affliction-wearing bros, and pubescent males everywhere — was officially banned from a Pennsylvania high school this week after a kid ended up in the E.R. Cue jokes about Axe getting the axe here. [Huff Po]

Today in unlikely bedfellows: Wes Anderson, as in the Wes Anderson, teamed up with Prada to produce a short film for the fashion giant's new Candy fragrance, Candy L'Eau. Take a look at the teaser, here. [Refinery 29]

Yoko Ono has some rather, um, conceptual makeup tips to share — like for daytime, you should focus on rainbows, and for the evening you should make your belly-button sparkly. Oh, did we mention these makeup tips were for men? Yup. [Telegraph]

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We get some strange press releases in our inbox from time to time, but this one takes the cake, headline: Try On Kate Middleton's Sought-After Nose. Using a new iPhone app called ModiFace Camera, you can composite her sniffer — which has apparently been deemed "this spring's hottest accessory" — right onto your own face. Just in case you're considering that Kate Middleton rhinoplasty thing. [StyleBistro Inbox]

Bradley Cooper in hair curlers. We repeat, Bradley Cooper in hair curlers! So that's what he meant when he said he got a perm this year. Silly, Bradley. [People StyleWatch]

Want to look just like Rihanna does while she's on tour? MAC Cosmetics spilled the secrets behind her beauty regimen, all the way down to the exact products she uses! [Vogue UK]

And while we're on the topic of beauty regimens, Martha Stewart's primping process is just like ours! Only not at all whatsoever — she actually remembers to take out her contacts! Oh, and she rubs La Mer on her legs. Smh. [The Cut]

Lastly, some unfortunate news on bikini waxing: even though going hairless down, uh, there has nearly caused crabs (yes, pubic lice) to go extinct, there's a downfall. It's lead to an increase in "water warts." Now please excuse us while we go cancel our salon appointment. Thanks! [Jezebel]