Calling All Brides—Oscar de la Renta Has Something New (& Blue!) For You

(Photo by ImaxTree) Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2013 collection

Something Blue by Oscar de la Renta (WWD)
Hey, all you brides-to-be out there: still on the hunt for your something blue? Well, scour Pinterest no more. Oscar de la Renta's got a special gift just for you!

According to a report in WWD, the designer is rolling out his third fragrance, Something Blue, in Saks Fifth Avenue stores next Thursday, January 17th.

Despite the fact that the scent, a white floral with notes of linden blossom and mandarin, is obviously matrimony-inspired, de la Renta and his crew of perfumers insist it's still a "lifestyle" fragrance, a.k.a. you don't need to be tying the knot in order to enjoy the scent for an eternity—or until the bottle runs dry.

Plus at $85 to $115 a pop, this luxe de la Renta creation makes a totally affordable alternative to actual bridal couture. We call that a win-win in our book, but what say you brides? Would you ever swap your something blue for a more "conceptual" take on the tradition? Sound off in the comments, below!