Bacon-Flavored Mouthwash Is Now a Thing That Exists

Bacon-Flavored Mouthwash Is Now a Thing That Exists
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Bacon — it's what's for breakfast, after breakfast, during lunch break, ahem, second lunch, before a hot date, whenever just because, and bedtime. (If it wasn't already.) Scope Mouthwash just announced its adding the greatest thing ever a new flavor to its lineup. That's right, bacon!

Bacon-flavored mouthwash is now a thing! Cue freak-out.

Bacon-Flavored Mouthwash Is Now a Thing That Exists(Photo courtesy)

A few worthy notes on bacon mouthwash, as cheekily outlined on Scope's FAQ section:

1) Bacon mouthwash tastes like bacon (mmmmm, bacon) when it's in your mouth, but once you spit it out, your breath turns minty fresh. (Science!)

2) Bacon mouthwash is not an acceptable substitute for real bacon — nothing will actually compare to the authentic meaty goodness. Oh, and bacon mouthwash has zero nutritional value. So, you know, that too.

3) Bacon mouthwash does not contain any parts from pigs. So oinkers like this little guy are still perfectly safe and sound, no worries.

There's no word yet on when bacon mouthwash (just the sound of it is mouthwatering) is slated to hit shelves. All we've got to say is, this better not be one of those AE Skinny Skinny Jeans situations.