All That Glitters: Chanel's Metallic Cat-Eye Makeup

(Photo by ImaxTree)

If you really wanted to rock an eye-catching look, you could really go for it with Chanel's fuzzy fur helmets — which were styled to look like colored bobs! — but we're betting you're probably better off trying the label's gilded glittery lids on for size. (We imagine fur helmets are best left to runways or maaaaybe kittens on their way to outerspace.)

(Photo by ImaxTree)

To complement the sparkle in the label's fall 2013 collection — and create a look that still stood out against the backdrop of an enormous black-and-gold globe! — makeup artist Peter Philips glued chunky pieces of gold and silver glitter not only to the model's lids, but also to the tips of their lashes. Beneath the lower lashes, he traced a soft black line of Chanel's Le Crayon Khôl in "Noir," reports Vogue.

The effect? A disco-party cat-eye that's slightly chaotic (again, party) yet still enchanting.

Tell us, would you ever wear this look?

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