The Best Hair & Beauty Looks From HSN's Remodel Party—Vote Now!

(Photos by Getty) Adrienne Bailon, Nikki Reed, and Miss Universe Olivia Culpo

In honor of its brand-new-and-approved sparkly site makeover, HSN threw a big bash at  Marquee in New York, last night. Naturally the place was jammed-packed with a slew of celebrities, socialites, and model-types—and we, too, were there, getting the scoop on everything from the stars in attendance to the site's upgraded offerings.

And while we oogled a few of the retailer's newest beauty selections, like these shimmery LORAC bronzers ($32 on

HSN Celebrates Digital Redesign
(Photo by Getty)

And took in the sight of models just, you know, casually hanging out above the party, no big:

HSN Celebrates Digital Redesign
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We couldn't help but notice three gorgeous gals who really stood out from the pack, a hard thing to do among NYC's party circuit, mind you. Take a peek at the best beauty looks from the night, and cast a vote for your favorite in our poll, below!

Adrienne Bailon:

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Okay, while we're totally befuddled by this shirt—really, Adrienne, tropical-print? In the winter? To a club?—she made up for it above the collar. Her ruby red lips and flushed cheeks popped against her healthy bronze glow. (Perhaps the inspo for her shirt? Really, who knows...)

Nikki Reed:

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Twilight's Nikki Reed also jumped on the bright lipstick bandwagon—a trend, based on the Golden Globes, we bet will be everywhere this season—with glossy orange-red lips, fluttery lashes, and effortless waves.

Olivia Culpo:

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Last but not least, Miss Universe Olivia Culpo proved she's worthy of the title (er, on the beauty front anyway) by pairing her forest green top with look-at-me false lashes, perfectly sculpted brows, and a pop of pink on her pout. But was it enough to win her the award for best beauty look of the night? Let's take it to a vote, shall we?

Poll: Who had the best beauty look at the HSN Remodel Party?
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  • Adrienne Bailon
  • Nikki Reed
  • Olivia Culpo

Also, if you haven't yet peeked the just-remodeled, catch a glimspe of its shiny new features, here. Happy shopping!