The Sunscreen Victoria Beckham Swears By, 'Baby Bangs' Are Now a Thing, and More!

(Photo via Twitter; Getty)

Victoria Beckham might seem like the least likely celeb to shill sunscreen advice—ahem, remember these days?—but the former Spice Girl is now endorsing pale as posh, and reminding folks via Twitter to lather up the SPF during this global heat wave. Her product recommendation? Lancer Dermatology’s Total Moisture Sunscreen. Good luck getting it online, though. VB's one good promoter. It sold out in just hours after her semi-PSA! [Twitter]

WHOA. Jennifer Aniston is that you? I think it's fairly safe to say the new hairstyle she's been rocking—a wig, thankfully—for the new movie she's filming isn't going to take off quite like The Rachel. Then again, will any hair ever? [Glamour]

And while we're on the topic, hair's had a pretty big moment in the news this week. Take Miley Cyrus, for instance, who swears up and down that her new, relatively speaking, punk cut has "changed her life." [HuffPo]

This baby girl is wearing fake bangs because she's not a baby boy. (Baby Bangs)

Also, you can totally tell that this little darling is a baby girl, right? Well, you can thank her baby bangs for that. Yes, faux-bang-headband-hybrids for your baby are now a thing. [Jezebel]

Okay, let's circle back to that heat wave for a moment. Because I'm sure if you're anything like us, all you can think about right now is—it's so hawt outside. Want to beat the heat? (Of course you do.) Follow Fashionista's lead and stash one of these instantly refreshing face mists in your bag, stat. [Fashionista]