New Fake Nails Act as Stylus For Your Smartphone

New Fake Nails Act as Stylus For Your Smartphone
(Photo by Getty) Nails from Kate Spade's Spring 2013 show

Talon-length nails might look cool and edgy, but they're not exactly the most practical things in the world for, say, putting in contact lenses (ouch), using any type of utensil—forks, pencils—or operating your smartphone.

But thankfully one new high-tech invention promises to help you with at least one of those acrylic concerns.

Enter Nano Nails: press-on fake nails that come equipped with a virtually-invisible stylus. Apparently, the tech-enabled tips on each nail replicate the motion of tapping a touchscreen with your finger—similar to how those techie texting gloves work, but you know, for your fingernails.

Nano Nails don't officially hit shelves until May, but until then, you can sneak a peek at how they work, here: