The EXACT Products Katy Perry Uses, Tom Ford's Latest Beauty Venture, and More!

(Photos via Vogue)

Remember that Vogue behind the scenes video with Katy Perry we shared the other day? Well, the fashion bible heard your cries to emulate the pop star and you can now shop all the products she used in the primping process. [Vogue]

If your life came to a screeching, odorless halt when Alexander McQueen's former scents Kingdom and My Queen were discontinued, your day is about to be made. The designer is entering the fragrance world once again! But not in just any ole' way, Sarah Burton's said to be getting her hands dirty with her new parters and P&G. We don't want to start any rumors now, but you do know what this may mean, right? Could a McQueen cosmetics range be on the horizon? [Refinery29]

Oh, and while we're on the topic of fragrances: Adam Levine hates celebrity scents, but he has two, and he'd like to sweet talk you into trying them via voice-overed images of bondage, motorcycles, beat-up tees—yes, he wears them!—and, um, flowers in this new promo. [YouTube]

Headline: "My Failed Attempt at Getting My Balls Ironed." Oh, George Clooney. What have you started? [The Cut]

Tom Ford beauty addicts, rejoice! The designer is launching a new collection of moisturizers, eye treatments, mud masks, concealers, and bronzing gels... for men. Sounds genius to us, now we can just steal from boyfriend's beauty stash instead of buying double everything to leave at his place. [Fashionista]

Speaking of beauty products for dudes, have you ever noticed that guys, like, absolutely hate sunscreen? It's true, only 49 percent of men only use sunscreen regularly. (Ugh.) Be your guy's skin savior and introduce him to this non-greasy, easy-to-apply, gorilla-adorned (yes), totally-man-approved SPF. [Allure]