So, Uh, This Guy Is The Face of Playtex's New Sexytime Wipes

(Photo via Facebook)

This guy — Andrew W.K., a musician, new-age self-help motivational speaker, and perhaps most noteably, the man behind 2001's hit album I Get Wet — is now the face for Playtex's brand-new Fresh + Sexy Wipes. These wipes, if you're wondering, are exactly what you think they are: moist (moist!) towelettes for your lady bits!

Because this is most certainly the face you want to think of before and after — or to be completely, uh, straight-forward, definitely not during — sexytime.

(Photo by Getty)

We'll give you a moment to let that sink in.

The so-called "King of Partying" released an official statement today — via Facebook, so obviously it's offish — about the new promotion gig. It said: "I'm the new face of Fresh + Sexy wipes by Playtex! Even when partying hard, I'm clean where it counts!"

And no. This is not a joke. We're actually not sure what's more offensive/hilarious here — Andrew W.K. representing va-jay-jays or these (very real) ads from the Fresh + Sexy website:

And last but not least — our personal favorite. (If that's even the right word, here...)

There you have it, folks. Happy Hump Day!