The Adventures of Tan Mom: She's Launching a Line of Self-Tanners, a Movie, and More!

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Now that Patricia Krentcil (known around the interwebs as "Tan Mom") is off the hook for allegedly bringing her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth  — last week, a grand jury concluded there wasn't enough evidence to indict her on child endangerment — the Nutley, New Jersey mother is coming up with every ploy she can to prolong her 15 minutes of fame.

First off, she's launching a line of self-tanners! According to a report in NBC News, the range will give gals a "Real Tan Mom Healthy Glow." No really, that's the name of her lotion line. The developing stage is nearly complete, so if you want to look like this below, well, your chance is on its way.

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As for her other upcoming endeavors, she plans to pen a book — "but doesn't have an agent or publisher" — and, according to InTouch, Krentcil's also making a movie about her life, which is "going to portray everything that’s happened” since her legal debacle began.

Ten months of attorney's fees don't pay for themselves, you know...