Stop Everything: Michelle Obama Got Bangs!

Stop Everything: Michelle Obama Got Bangs!
(Photo by Getty) Michelle Obama before her birthday haircut.

Forget everything that happened today. This is it. The end all be all of today's news as we know it—even bigger than Scott Disick's secret modeling career and Rihanna heading to Fashion Week and tiny celebrity impersonators in Golden Globes ball gowns, combined.

Ladies and gentleman, Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States, now has bangs! Go ahead, we'll give you a second to let that sink in...

MObama's office launched an official Twitter account for the First Lady earlier today, starting off with a tweet about the FLOTUS' 49th birthday. This made headlines everywhere, as you can imagine, but then they posted this photo, below, and the whole world went ba-na-nas:

Stop Everything: Michelle Obama Got Bangs!
(Photo via Twitter) Michelle Obama's brand-new 'do.

Her highly-anticipated inaugural ball look just got that much more exciting, no?