Brandi Glanville Burned Her Face With a Laser—Want to See?

(Bauer-Griffin) Brandi Glanville before she burned her face for beauty

How far would you go for great skin? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville will go as far as—wait for it—burning her face. Check out this photo Glanville tweeted on Wednesday of a procedure she had last month:

(Twitter) Brandi Glanville burned her face to combat melasma

According to reports, the RHOBH star underwent a laser treatment at a doctor's office to combat her melasma—a dark tan, sometimes splotchy skin discoloration.

Would you undergo a procedure that left you looking like this to combat dark splotches on your skin? Sometimes you have no choice, right? What do you think?

Poll: Would you undergo a laser treatment that burned your skin?
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  • Yes, if it made my skin look better and was doctor-administered.
  • No, this seems extreme, and I'd be scared of scarring.
Also, what is up with celebrities tweeting photos of their super-painful-looking, ultra-extreme beauty treatments (see Kim Kardashian's bloody facial)? Hello, they should at least mark the pictures Not Safe For Lunch.
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