Dove's Beauty Campaign Gets a Parody, Michael Kors Makeup is Coming, and More!

(Photo via WWD)

Michael Kors fans, rejoice! The fashion designer is bringing his signature sexy-sporty aesthetic to the wonderful world of beauty—he's launching a cosmetics line. So far, the collection will include lipsticks, nail polishes, bronzers, and skin care products. [WWD, sub req]

Older gals (read: the 50 and up crowd) are not too pleased that youngsters (read: Anne Hathaway and the slew of mid-20's women she's inspired) are stealing their haircut: the pixie. So, they've decided to take a stand and grow out their hair. Talk about a whole new generation of Hathahaters. [The Cut]

Apricot hair—could this be the next big thing in pastel hair color? Take a look and see if you agree. [Fashionista]

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Regardless of where you fall on the opinion spectrum—"best thing ever" versus "what the what"—about Dove's latest Real Beauty campaign (if you haven't seen it yet, you MUST watch here) you're bound to enjoy this. We give you, the guy version of beauty sketches. [Co.Create]

Beer? A hair color enhancer? We've heard stranger... [xoVain]

Bad news in social-media-land: All that late night creeping you're doing on Facebook isn't just wreaking havoc on your mood—OMG, my ex is dating that chick?!—it's also, womp womp, causing you to gain weight. [Refinery29]

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Happy almost Earth Day! (It's actually on Monday, but you know.) Celebrate the occasion with these green-friendly beauty buys. [Bella Sugar]

And now, a word from Tan Mom on her aspiring porno career: ""I am far more popular and way hotter than Farrah [yes, as in Teen Mom, Farrah]! Men want a cougar and a real woman, not a teenybopper." So, there's that. [TMZ]