Kim Kardashian Got Bangs—Love or Loathe? Vote Now!

(Photo via Instagram)

Even though selfie-snapping addict Kim Kardashian is super-sad-faced about Instagram's new policy (er, old new policy? Since they're revisiting that "language" stuff or whatever...) it hasn't stopped her from posting pics to Twitter.

And you know what, thank God, because then we'd never know, within minutes notice, that something so newsworthy like this has happened:

(Photo via Instagram)

Kim Kardashian has bangs again! And, of course, they came courtesy of the one-and-only celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan, who if you remember is the infamous mastermind behind "The Rachel" and the death of Miley Cyrus' bun.

She's not the only one to undergo the chop recently, everyone from Beyonce to Britney Spears to Sophia Bush has been basking in bangs, uh, bangin' moment. Which brings us back to a story from last week—"When Bangs Go Bad"—Kardashian definitely topped our Top 5 list for the fringe she's rocked in the past. (Take a look, here, for a refresher.)

So, we're dying to know, what do you think of her new hairstyle? Loving the bangs or missing her long face-framing strands already? Weigh in with your thoughts in our poll, and sound off—love or loathe!—in the comments section, below.

Poll: Do you like Kim Kardashian's hair better with or without bangs?
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  • With! New year, new 'do, right?
  • Without! Ugh, was this Kanye's doing?