E! News' Catt Sadler on Her Skincare Secrets, Embarrassing Workout Playlist & Ryan Seacrest's Hair

(Photo by Getty) E! News anchor Catt Sadler

If Catt Sadler launches a beauty vlog anytime soon, you can send us a personal thank you note—and bookmark it to your browser stat. But really, we recently caught up with the E! News anchor to chat about a new contest she's hosting (more on that below), in which we found out Sadler's a serious beauty junkie. (And she has tons of helpful camera-ready tips!)

Here are seven fun facts we learned from our chat with her—some makeup tricks, some styling advice, oh, and the scoop on Ryan Seacrest's hair. Read on, below!

Her top three beauty must-haves include:

  • Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint: "It's iridescent, and I have really pink skin, so when I'm not on TV and I don't have to go all out, this is the thing that I have to put on my skin every single day. That's my face, if I'm not in my full TV face, that is."

  • Kiehl's Creme de Corps: "I'm huge on skincare, because I also have really dry skin, so I always, always pack tons of moisturizer. I have a whole little system. I always have my night cream, my day cream, my eye cream, I'm big on Kiehl's—it's on my body all of the time."

(Photo by Getty) Check out those lashes!

She's a closet beauty junkie because...

"I used to work at makeup counter, true story, in college, so that was my second favorite job I've ever had. Not even kidding, working at Nordstrom selling makeup. I worked at Chanel for a minute and Trish McEvoy for a minute. I love makeup. It's SO fun."

J.Lo is her forehead crush:

"Contouring is a bit of my obsession. It's huuuge! It can actually change the shape of your face, take pounds off your face, make you look more chiseled ... I have a large forehead, so I always contour around the top of my forehead. It's very J.Lo-esque. Have you seen that on J.Lo? You know how she has a perfect forehead? I think J.Lo has the perfect forehead! I love her face, I'm obsessed with her face. But if you stare at where her contour is, I think she's got it perfect."

(Photo by Getty) She really does have a great forehead, no?

Her secret to always looking her best on camera:

"As structured a look as possible always looks good on TV. I've tried to do a little boho before, it speaks to my personal style sense more. I like things that are a little funky, a little loosey, goosey. But that doesn't translate well on TV. I think the sturdier the fabric, the more streamlined and structured, the better."

Her approach to wearing short shorts is probably is exactly like yours:

"Are you familiar with the line Kova&T? They make really good leather pieces, and I just got a pair of booty shorts that are black leather. They've definitely inspired me to hit the treadmill more than I normally do, because you cannot wear those unless you are working out."

(Photo via Catt Sadler's Tumblr) Catt's new booty shorts... RIGHT?

Which leads us to, the most embarrassing song on her workout playlist is...

"Oh gosh, this is one that my 12-year-old son put on there. Go figure because it sounds so vintage, but Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun.' Why, I don't know? It's just fun and weird and that's one thing I try to teach my kids about all the time, old-school music."


And last but not least, our favorite fun fact...

Ryan Seacrest's hair really is that beautiful in person:

"I know his hairdresser Jason Stacy, the most amazing guy ever, and yes Ryan's hair is really that great. It's definitely one of his best features. He has really good hair. Really good. I mean, he's giving Justin Bieber a run for his money, like, big time. For sure."

And this one last gem: "It also gives him just a few inches. I think that's another perk of his hair." Bless!

(GIF via Buzzfeed) Remember when Anne Hathaway said this at the Oscars? It was so true.

So, now that you know all of her tips and tricks, Sadler is currently judging a selfie contest for Scotch-Brite. (Psst... Have you seen how cute their new printed lint rollers are?) If you submit a snap of yourself in your best "first impression outfit" you could win $5,000 toward a free fashion makeover and style consultation with Sadler. Interested? Find out how to enter here.

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