So, Upper East Siders Are Now Tattooing Their Dogs—Thoughts?

(Photo via Thinkstock)

Dog tattoos. Yup. (DNAinfo)
Because gem-encrusted collars and mini designer duds just aren't enough to be considered a high-society pooch these days, Upper East Siders are now taking their pups to "celebrity groomers" for, get this, temporary dog tattoos.

Yup, faux doggie ink is the latest rage in canine fashion, or so DNAinfo, an NYC neighborhood news blog, reports.

Some of you might be wondering why a human person would pay another human person $100+ to stencil a glittery rosebud upon the toosh of their unsuspecting animal, well, they have their reasons.

Like this red-carpet attending school teacher, for instance:
"Sometimes, my dog and I dress in the same color if we're going to a red carpet event. During the summer, it's just too hot to have him wearing outfits like that. The tattoo is a good option."
Groomers are behind the trend, too, obviously:
"Dogs are like humans, and when they accessorize they get attention. A pink dog does not know it's pink, but when people are smiling and taking pictures, it gets attention. So, a dog likes to get tattoos."
And, perhaps, the most articulate quote of the bunch:
"It's all about the tramp stamp."
There you have it. Dog tattoos, a very real thing. Thoughts?