Rooney Mara's New Fragrance Ad, How to Take Beautiful Selfies, and More!

(Photo via YouTube)

Rooney Mara's new fragrance campaign for Calvin Klein's Downtown fragrance just hit the interwebs and it combines film direction by David Fincher (think: Fight Club), "Runaway" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and cameos of puppies—so, yeah, it's basically the best thing ever. [YouTube]

Not that you really need another excuse for this—other than the blantantly ooo-bvious—but new research shows that getting down and dirty on the reg (read: sexytimes) can take up to seven years off your face. Apparently, when you're, uh, doing it, your body releases growth hormones that aid in preventing wrinkles. Oh, boyyyfriend... [Cosmopolitan]

ICYMI: Yesterday, Amanda Bynes showed up to her court appearance in a bright blue wig. Because, Amanda Bynes. [People]

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Luxury skincare? In a mass market drugstore? Say it ain't so! In a move most other high-end brands wouldn't dream of, Vbeauté—a line of luxe skin products formulated in a fancy lab far away in Switzerland—is doing just that. The founder is taking her line from Bergdorf's to local chain stores. Oh, and slashing the prices. In half. [Fashionista]

Attention all selfie addicts: Don't even think about reaching for your iPhone again without downloading one of these apps, the six most selfie-approved, zit-erasing, complexion-smoothing, cat-adorning insta-retouchers on the market. [Beauty Blitzed]