Beauty Vlogger Burns Her Hair Off in Curling Tutorial, Remains Surprisingly Calm [VIDEO]

(Tori Locklear/ YouTube)

The internet is so full of beauty vloggers (most of whom start off every video with "Hey guys!"), that it's really hard for an aspiring YouTube hair and makeup guru to stand out, you know?

Well, Florida middle school student Tori Locklear has found the secret to instant viral beauty video status — don't be afraid to make a few mistakes on camera. 

In her one-minute, 49-second video, titled "Burning My Hair Off - (Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong)" (spoilery!), Locklear attempts to curl her hair with a clampless curling iron, and takes a chunk of her mane off in the process."Oh my God..." she says calmly. "You're kidding me."

Luckily, it seems like the middle schooler has a great sense of humor about the mishap — she did post it on the internet after all. She even created a Facebook page to explain what happened: "So a hairdresser told me it was definitely the TRESemme spray I put on my hair!"

Mystery solved! Check out the clip, below. 

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