You Can Now Buy Chanel Out of a Vending Machine

You Can Now Buy Chanel Out of a Vending Machine
(Photos via Vogue UK) Chanel's human-operated vending machine from FNO did so well, the brand is launching a real, working machine for mascara

Things we heart in vending machines: Diet Dr Pepper, Rold Gold Pretzel Sticks when the craving for salty strikes (usually around 3 p.m.), Lifesavers Gummies—it's a rare occasion to find them in stock, but I swear I once found a half-abandoned machine, filled with the sugary deliciousness, lurking in the depths of a library somewhere in the Midwest—and Chanel.

Yes, Chanel beauty product vending machines are a thing.

According to a report in the Vogue UK, the Oxford Street Selfridges is installing a fully functional vending machine stocked with Chanel's new Le Volume de Chanel Mascara—the brand's first-ever volumizing mascara!—following the success of its trial-run with human-operated nail polish dispensers last Fashion's Night Out.

The vending machine makes its big debut this Satuday, April 25th and will include three shades of the new quick-drying formula: "Noir" (a dark black), Prune (a rich purple), and Bleu (a deep navy).

You Can Now Buy Chanel Out of a Vending Machine
If, womp womp, you don't happen to live in Londontown, you can still get your hands on the lash-blasters, right here, for $30 a pop.

But, if you do get a chance to pop by Selfridges next week, can do you us a favor? Pass on the message that we're obsessed with anything that combines our two favorite things—food and fashion! Helloooo, they don't call us StyleBISTRO for nothing.