Horrifying: Your Spray Sunscreen Could Catch You on Fire!

(Photo by Getty)

Could your sunscreen be putting you at risk for burns? (Getty)
Go ahead and file this one under absolutely horrifying: if spray sunscreen is your preferred method of SPF, you could be putting yourself at risk for getting burned. No, no, not sunburned. We're talking skin literally up in flames burned.

According to an NPR report, the Food and Drug Administration recorded five separate incidents last year in which people were severely burned after their spray sunscreen caught fire. One man was grilling, another lit up a cigarette, and one person even burst into flames from standing too close to a citronella candle—all of this minutes after spritzing down.

Despite the fact that the specific sunscreen in question has since been recalled—a Banana Boat product was to blame in each case—the FDA still advises extreme caution (read: don't go near flames if your skin is still damp) when using spray sunscreens, particularly those with flammable ingredients like alcohol.

So, if somehow this True Blood-esque tale of spontaneous combustion hasn't caused you to go running for liquid SPF just yet, pinky promise us you'll never apply sprays by an open flame, and you'll wait to toast marshmallows (or smoke or cook or whatever fiery thing you're into, you, pryo, you) until the spritz on your skin is 100 percent dry.

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