Guess Which Designer Is Launching a Cosmetics Line? (Or So Rumor Has It.)

(Photo by ImaxTree) Recognize these eyes from the fall 2013 shows?

Let's play a little game of beauty counter trivia, shall we? Which major designer's owned a contract with Procter & Gamble since 2006, already launched an umpteenth amount of best-selling fragrances—one of which is repped by Blake Lively and ultimately ended her reign as a glorified Chanel Girl—but has been noticeably missing from the cosmetics shelves all these years?

Can you guess? Perhaps these strategically placed boob feathers from the label's fall runway show will provide a better hint...

It's Gucci! (Did you guess it? Ten points for Griffindor!)

According to a report in WWD, whispers in the industry say the Italian fashion brand has plans to launch a makeup range in 2014, marking its first foray into the world of cosmetics.

Considering other labels like Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs are getting in the beauty game later this year (both brands' lines are slated to drop in August), we wouldn't be surprised if the rumors were true, but... a Procter & Gamble rep declined to comment on the potential cosmetics line.

Until then, we'll continue dreaming of shimmery GG-embossed powders encased in heavily embellished palettes, maybe adorned with the ocassional plume. You?