Turn Your Own Hair Into a Ponytail Holder With This AMAZING Aquage Product

(Thinkstock, Aquagez)

We witnessed Aquage haircare co-founder Luis Alvarez perform some hair sorcery during a demonstration for his line today. He created a gorgeous, textured ponytail without using a hair elastic. Or even securing it with bobby pins!

Here's what went down.

After looping model Samantha's hair into a loose, half-up style, he took a few strands, wrapped them around the base of her locks, spritzed his impromptu ponytail holder with Aquage's Working Spray (about $18 at independent salons, find the closest one here), and clamped down on it with a hair straightener for a few seconds.

Side view!

She basically looks like she stepped out of a Botticelli painting with this hairstyle, right?

Let's all try it! It instantly ups the fanciness of any ponytail, and it'll stay put until you wash the Working Spray out.
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