Kristen Stewart Gets Moodier For Balenciaga, Gisele's Hair Gets a Twitter, and More

(Tim Whitby/Getty Images Europe; Digital/Bauer Griffin)Just when we thought Kristen Stewart couldn't get any moodier, she goes and appears in this video promo for Balenciaga's new Rosabotanica fragrance. In it KStew talks very intently about her character and her relationship with the fragrance. Oh, and she's topless, minus a few jeweled pieces of ivy growing on her. Just see for yourself. [E! News]

We know she's amazing and has nice hair and all, but does Gisele Bundchen's golden locks really need a Twitter of their very own? Apparently, they do. Fresh off her deal with Pantene, Gisele's hair went and popped up on Twitter. And tweeted words of wisdom. [Twitter]

We'll never feel guilty again for splurging on beauty products after learning that Martha Stewart reportedly has a beauty routine that costs an estimated $2,000. We don't think we'll be running into her in the makeup section of the drugstore any time soon. [The Cut]

Are you looking to get a new hair cut? Why not try the Rachel? No, not that Rachel. We're talking about the other memorable and ridiculously adorable hair cut Jennifer Aniston wore on Friends. You know, the swing bob she sported in season 7? Yeah, that one. [Elle]

Apparently, the Queen is not on board with Prince Harry's facial hair. But really, what's not to like? [Bella Sugar]
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