Target to Ramp Up Skin and Hair Care Selections (Yay!)

(Photo by Getty)

Look, Britney Spears is a Target shopper! (

Target shoppers, rejoice! In the midst of a massive beauty revamp — have you noticed any changes at your local bullseye lately? — the big-box retailer is now setting its sights on the skin and hair care aisles.

According to a report in WWD, Target plans to start "reinventing" these product categories next month, marking the beginning of a much "more expansive evolution" that's to come in 2014.

In short, more luxury brands and more innovative products (namely anti-aging stuff) will be added to shelves.

“We feel that [hair care is] one of the categories where some smaller brands, premium brands, will complement our assortment,” said José Barra, senior vice president, merchandising, of health and beauty at Target. “There are still some pockets where we’re not serving the guests [his word for customers] as well as we want. A lot of the new developments are aimed at an older demographic.”

Target also plans on expanding its Beauty Conceige program — which is basically a glorified department store beauty counter that comes equipped with a beauty-specialized salesperson. Currently the program's only available in Chicago.

In our minds, we feel like Britney Spears — who's an avid Target shopper, you guys— is probably off somewhere cheering all like, "Gimme, gimme more" right now.