Trending: Redheads in Red Lipstick

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Not even, like, ten years back, redheads rocking vibrant shades of crimson, punchy pigments of tomato, and deep blue-red hues was totally unheard of. Taboo, even. Unless, of course, you were this girl...


Well, my dear Jessica Rabbit — you've got some competition. Redheads can (and should!) rock a red lip. Take a look at five of Hollywood's most brilliant fire-haired ladies of the moment, and see how they pull off the red-on-red combo. Plus, cast your vote for who wears it best in our poll, below!

Bella Thorne

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Bright red lipstick, like Bella Thorne's electric tomato-orange hue at last night's Iron Man 3 premiere, complement fair skin tones beautifully.

Jessica Chastain

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Gals with cooler undertones like Jessica Chastain are best suited to rich berry and wine lip colors. A quick way to determine if that's you? Look at your jewelry box! If you wear more silver, chances are you're either a cool or a neutral. Gold flatters warm tones.

Christina Hendricks

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A trick to learn from Christina Hendricks? Never go full-on matchy-matchy with your hair and lipstick—it'll wash you out. Go for something deeper in color.

Bryce Dallas Howard

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See what we mean? Because Bryce Dallas Howard's locks are so vivacious, she stuck with a merlot pout—and looks lovely!

Scarlett Johansson

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Okay, so this shot of Scarlett Johansson is actually from the last time she went red—have you seen her brand-new crimson color? Here it is!—but it still illustrates the point. Doesn't that blue-based red lipstick brighten her whole face? (Answer: Uh huh.)

Tell us, are you mad over the Mad Men star? Enchanted by Jessica Rabbit Chastain? Sound off in our poll, below!

Poll: Which redhead wear red lipstick the best?
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