And So The Kardashians' Legal Smackdown Continues...

And So The Kardashians' Legal Smackdown Continues...
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And So The Kardashians' Legal Smackdown Continues...
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In the age-old tale of "Khroma" vs. "Kroma," we last left off the Kardashian sisters' legal saga two weeks ago, when a California judge ruled the trio doesn't have rights to the name of their cosmetics line. (The "Khroma" with the "h".)

And now, the battle is officially on like Donkey Kong — Boldface, the sisters' licensing company, has finally appealed the preliminary injuction, reports WWD.

Basically this just buys the Kardashians more time to use the name until yet another hearing takes place — just enough time, though, for Khroma to expand into 5,321 stores (like CVS, Walgreens, and Duane Reade) by the end of this month, which according to the appeal documents, will save Boldface "tens of millions of dollars." (That's a lot of false lashes at stake.)

All in all, both owners Khroma and Kroma, a small Florida-based cosmetics brand, are arguing the other will put them out of business — Khroma if it's not allowed to sell the millions worth of products already made and Kroma if Khroma stays open for shop.

There's no word yet on the next court hearing, but knowing the Kardashians, you'll probably see updates on one of their many TV shows soon.