Models Wore Colored Fur Fauxhawks, Fuzzy Sunnies at Fendi

(Photos by ImaxTree)

When Karl Lagerfeld's exclusive sketch for Fendi's fall 2013 collection leaked early this morning, one thing was pretty obvious — there was going to be fur. And lots of it!
(Photo via WWD)

But nothing, and we mean nothing, could have prepared us for this. The models hit the runway in Milan this afternoon wearing multi-colored fur fauxhawks. With mile-long braids. And — wait for it — fur-lined sunglasses! Take a look:

Let's take a minute to appreciate these fuzzy sunnies, shall we?

And these down-to-there French braids, while we're at it.

In case you were wondering, those fauxhawks are, in fact, actual pieces of fox fur — not dyed wigs or clip-in extensions, reports Allure. To keep them in place, hairstylist Sam McKnight bobby pinned the pallets to the models' braids, and shaped them into spiky styles with hairspray.

We can safely say we're in no rush to try the furry headpieces on anytime soon — as fascinating as they may be — but, that matte plum lipstick, please excuse us while we go track down a tube... Kthanks!