The Legacy of Tan Mom: New Jersey Officially Bans Kids From Tanning Beds

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Last month, Patricia Krentcil (you probably know her by the name of "Tan Mom") was officially cleared on charges of child endangerment remember that whole debacle when she allegedly brought her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth? Psh, how could you forget! finally bringing her drawn-out 15 minutes of fame to a close.

But now her fake-baking legacy will live on
forever. (Long live Tan Mom!)

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According to an NBC News report, New Jersey (land of the bronzed and home of the Jersey Shore) officials passed a law this week banning kids under the age of 17 from using tanning beds. Previously, the age was 14. Fourteen. Which, coincidentally is now the age marker for spray tans. In salons, that is — teens are still free to go wild with the at-home stuff. (Cue horrible high school flashbacks here.)

Anywho, what does Tan Mom make of all this?

"I don't think children ever should tan," she told TMZ. "I believe that it should be something that's spoken about and now it's been rectified after I went through a year of mockery for something I never would do and did not do."

Ooooh, Tan Mom with the backhanded compliment. Burn! But hey, at least she's getting a tanning line and a book deal AND a movie out of it. Well, maybe.