Of the 16 'Sexiest' Women in Movies and TV, There Are 13 Brunettes, 2 Redheads, and Only 1 Blonde

(Getty Images) Scarlett Johansson; Christina Hendricks, Kate Beckinsale

Movie super-fan site MovieFanCentral.com recently asked its members to vote for their picks for "Sexiest Woman Alive." Want to know who won? Here are the top-16. Surprisingly, only one blonde! There are two redheads represented and the rest are all brunettes. Are brunettes sexier? You be the judge.

Here are the winners:

Overall winner for Sexiest Woman Alive: Scarlett Johansson

Sexiest Scream Queen: Danielle Harris

Sexiest Character in a Superhero Movie: Anne Hathaway in Catwoman

Sexiest Bond Girl: Eva Green

Sexiest Premium TV Character: Deborah Ann Woll

Sexiest Cable TV Character: Christina Hendricks
Sexiest Athlete: Michelle Jenneke

Sexiest Celebrity MILF: Kate Beckinsale

Sexiest Video Game Character: Lara Croft

Sexiest Vampire: Salma Hayek

Sexiest Musician: Katy Perry

Sexiest Old Hollywood Actress: Rita Hayworth

Sexiest Animated Character: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Sexiest Celebrity Couple: Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig

Sexiest Sci-Fi Character: Jewel Staite

Sexiest Underrated Hottie: Rebecca Hall
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