Most Women Wait THIS Long to Go Makeup-Free In Front of a New Guy—Do You?

(Photo by ImaxTree) How long do you wait before not doing this before a big date?

Sure, on the first few dates with a dude you're really into, there may or may not be some secrets best kept saved until later down the line like your massive stuffed animal collection or, uh, impressions of your childhood pet pig. (Yes, I legit oinked on a second date once. Fun fact: A year later, we're still dating! And I'm still mortified.)

But what about your face? Your real face. The bare, makeup-less epidermis above your neck. For how long do you keep that a mystery?

Well, according to a new report, 80 percent of women wait at least a full month before letting a new guy see them without makeup. 17 percent hold off for two months, 8 for an entire year, and get this, 3 percent of gals never I repeat, never let their loved one see them au naturale.

Can you imagine not ever leaving the house like this...

(Photo by Megan Fox isn't afraid to let her hubby or the world, for that matter see her without makeups.

... Or even sleeping bare-faced! Apparently, 60 percent of gals snooze in makeup (yikes!) to skirt around the sleepover issue, and 20 percent wake up earlier than their new beau to do touch-ups in the a.m.

Tell us, do these numbers surprise you? If you're dating someone, shouldn't you feel comfortable being yourself — no makeups and all? How long do you, personally, wait before going sans product in front of a new BF? Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I waited about a month with my guy. But I don't necessarily have a set rule, you?

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Poll: How long do you wait before going sans makeup in a new relationship?
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  • One full earth rotation around the sun.
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