Kate Mara Gives Sister Rooney Makeup Advice, A Male Nail Salons Offers Beer, and More

Kate Mara Gives Sister Rooney Makeup Advice, A Male Nail Salons Offers Beer, and More
(Getty)She may be one of the most stunning beauties around, but apparently when it comes to makeup, Rooney Mara is at a loss. At least that's what she says. Rooney revealed to People that she often turns to older sister Kate for makeup advice. "[Kate] has tried to help me in that department because she is really good at it," says Rooney. "But I am still pretty hopeless.” Could have fooled us! [People StyleWatch]

It doesn't bother us that men get manis—everyone should enjoy a clean cuticle and a little pampering—but it does bother us that they get beer while they get buffed. An LA nail salon, set to open in November, will look like a man-cave complete with oversize leather chairs, personal TVs and headphones, premium sports channels, and complimentary beer and scotch. We don't know about you, but all that sounds pretty darn amazing. Where can we sign up? [Fashionista]

Ever wanted to look like a model from a J.Crew catalogue, who hasn't? Well, now you can get the perfectly poised undone look at home with tips straight from one of the brand's hairstylist's Brent Lavett. You're welcome. [Harpers Bazaar]

We all know alcohol isn't the healthiest of choices, but did you know it can do some serious damage to your skin, too? According to Dr. David Colbert, an NYC dermatologist and author, alcohol can leave skin pasty and cold, with large pores. Eww. But thankfully, the doc gave advice on which drinks to avoid to keep your skin looking healthy and happy. [HuffPo]

Deborah Lippmann's new glitter nail polish is a throwback to the '80s in the best possible way. [Makeup and Beauty Blog]

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