Vanessa Hudgens Goes Ombre, Oprah Shows Us How to 'Fro It' and More!

(Photo by Getty)

Ombre hair just won't. go. away. Vanessa Hudgens is the latest in the long line of celebs to undergo the dip-dye treatment. [People StyleWatch]

But Vanessa was far from having the, ahem, BIGGEST celeb hair news of the past 24 hours. That title, friends, goes to Oprah—for the ginormous 3.5 pound afro wig she's wearing on the cover of O Magazine's September issue. Let's talk about hair, indeed! [Twitter]

Deborah Lippman's cult-fave nail laquers and treatments are finally available at Sephora—about time! The best part? To commemorate the launch, the nail guru's created four exclusive shades for the beauty retailer. One of each, please. [Glamour]

You know how mom was always saying to eat your broccoli? Well here's another reason, to (gulp) listen to her advice: scientists are working on magic metabolism-boosting, youth-enhancing breed of the veggie! [The Gloss]

As if gingers don't already have it tough enough, a new study suggests redheads could become extinct as early 2060. Hey, Darwin... a little help here? [Digital Journal]