Michelle Obama's Bangs In Action, Topshop Does Dancing Nail Polish, and More!

(Photo via Twitter)

Yesterday we brought you a first look at Michelle Obama's brand-new blunt-cut bangs, and now you can actually see her headline-making fringe in action. [The Cut]

After getting three yeses from the rest of the judges, Nicki Minaj dismissed a contestant on American Idol for wearing the same hot pink eyeshadow as her. It apparently meant they were in "a rivalry." [Hollywood Life]

If you've been wondering what the heck Christina Ricci's been up to lately, here's your answer—designing cosmetic bags for Make Up For Ever. [WWD]

(Photo via Topshop)

Instead of releasing a boring ol' lookbook to showcase its new spring nail polishes, Topshop created a short video of dancing day-glo nail tips. It's just as wonderfully strange as it sounds. [Glamour]

At the BAFTA tea reception this week, Bradley Cooper revealed that he (gasp!) got a perm for one of his roles! One with "rollers in the hair." So, how does one gently let Bradley Cooper know that, uh, wasn't a perm? [E! Online]

You'll never guess which thing inside your handbag could end up costing you heaps more than the total price of your purse, if stolen.  [Refinery29]

(Photo by Getty)

Still swooning over Jessica Alba's bright orange lips from the Golden Globes? Allure's got a few helpful tips for rocking the trend without looking like a clown. [Allure]

All hail Karlie Kloss! Her wavy banged bob, aka "The Karlie," has officially been dubbed the new "Rachel" in one of those Times trend stories. [New York Times]

Sure Proactiv works wonders on acne, but is the company working scams on customers? These horror stories will make you think twice about those "free trials." [Jezebel]