Are Hair Salons Becoming Too Idiosyncratic?

Are Hair Salons Becoming Too Idiosyncratic?
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When blowdry bars, the pioneer in specialty hair salons, started to, uh, blow up, we rejoiced — a perfect blowout for under $40? Yes, please! Braid bars then paved their way onto the scene, and as for salons that specialize in, um, hair down there, obviously we're 110 percent totally behind that — have you ever gotten a bikini wax from someone who hasn't, say, completely devoted their skills to the craft? Yeah...

But now, the Telegraph reports that the next big thing in idiosyncratic salons are bang bars, as in hair salons that only focus on your fringe.

That, plus every celebrity in the world is now launching a specialty salon (Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel Zoe), leads us to wonder — insert dramatic Carrie Bradshaw voice-over here — When it comes to hair salons, how specialized is too specialized? Are hair services becoming too idiosyncratic?

Are Hair Salons Becoming Too Idiosyncratic?
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But really, are bang bars that necessary? Tons of stylists, mine included (Hi, Elle!), will give clients a free (free!) trim in between hairstyles — without an appointment. All you do is have to tip. Which is certainly cheaper than the £10 ($15) price, plus tip, the new bang bar in London charges. Or you know, you could always go old-school and just trim them yourself, God forbid.

Also, are businesses hurting themselves by being too specialized? Blow, the original blow-dry bar for instance, recently started offering haircuts again. Hmmm...

Tell us, what are your thoughts on super-specialized salons? Do you think they're starting to get out of hand? Or are you hoping they're just getting started? Perhaps next there will be bob-only bars. Chalk paint shops? Salons that only trim split ends?

We're dying to know your thoughts! Sound off in our poll, and weigh in with your opinion in the comments, below.

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