Hilary Duff Ditches Her Hair Extensions—Better or Worse? Vote Now!

(Photo by FameFlynet)

Hilary Duff is coming clean—of her extensive beauty regimen, that is.

The young mom is quickly adopting a no-muss, no-fuss primping policy since her little guy, Luca, joined the family nine months ago. And she's been documenting the experience on Twitter every step of the way:
(Note to Hilary: Advice, please!)

Free from the weight of what we can only assume to be a thousand beauty products—is that not what you schlep in your bag?—Duff's also ditched her harder-to-maintain hair extensions.

"No extensions...Feels liberating...lol. Thank you prenatal vitamins!" she tweeted, along with this photo:

Her natural locks look really gorgeous, no? Just after posting the snap, Momma McGuire Duff was spotted out and about running errands sans weave. Take a look:

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Tell us, do you prefer the star au naturale or do you like the look of her super-bouncy enhanced curls:

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Weigh in with your vote in our poll, and sound off on your preference in the comments, below! Also, feel free to sing praises for her 2004 smash hit Come Clean. (Heck yeah, it's still on our iTunes... C'mon.)

Poll: Do you like Hilary Duff's hair better with or without extensions?
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  • Without! She's so naturally beautiful.
  • With! It just looks so full and fun.