Kim Kardashian Went Blonde, Robert Pattinson's Steamy Dior Ad is (Finally!) Here, and More

(Photo by Getty)

STOP EVERYTHING. Kim Kardashian is a blonde again. But... she still has dark roots. Color us confused. [E! News]

Three cheers for diversity—actress Thandie Newton is launching a beauty blog! Aimed to appeal to women across all cultural divides and ages, will be more than just a go-to for the latest lipstick launches and tutorials. Rather, Newton plans to broaden the conversation about what beauty really is and how it applies to the way women see themselves. We can't wait for the launch! [The Independent]

All those mysterious teasers for Robert Pattinson's Dior Hommes ad? Yeah, the wait was soooo worth it. Hubba hubba. [YouTube]

Kerry Washington scored herself another magazine cover, and to be expected, she looks all sorts of pretty. [Glamour]

We'll give you one guess as to what the new "word" (ahem) "helfie" means. Think this gem of social slang will end up in Webster's, too? One can only hope not. [Cosmo]