Birchbox's First-Ever Designer Collaboration is With... Guess Who!

(Photo by ImaxTree) Ruffian's spring 2013 fashion show

With a cult-following of 500,000+ subscribers, it was only a matter of time before this happened — Birchbox is teaming up with this designer to launch a collection of nail polishes! Can you guess which one? Here's a hint:

(Photo by ImaxTree) Ruffian designers Claude Morais and Brian Wolk

It's Ruffian! Birchbox is helping designers Claude Morais and Brian Wolk launch Ruffian's first-ever nail polish collection by asking fans to, uh, nail down the brand's starting shades. The collection will begin as a limited-edition line of three colors, each of which draw inspiration from Ruffian's spring 2014 show.

The colors in the running, plus the inspiration behind them, are:

  • Delirium: The voluptuous blue and purple velvety petals of the African Violet inspired the Delirium of this color.
  • Fox Hunt: Inspired by the thoroughbred beauty of the red fox; Fox Hunt’s savage richness will make everyday upper crust.
  • Lady Alabaster: Soft, tender and strong; Lady Alabaster emerges from the quarry solid as stone.
  • Hedge Fund: Nothing is more inspiring than the color of money, and Hedge Fund is impossible to counterfeit.
  • Venus in Fur: Her beauty is rock solid, yet as soft as mink. Venus in Fur will channel every girl’s inner Greek goddess.

Love Ruffian beauty products, or, you know, just nail polish in general? (Not going to lie, we're die-hard fans of MAC's Ruffian Red lipstick! Sadly, it was a limited-edition hue. Merp.) You can vote for your favorite nail color on Birchbox's website, here.

After the winning shades are selected, the final trio will be sold on this fall!

See Ruffian's fall 2013 collection here: