Kim Kardashian Gets a Makeover From Betty White [VIDEO]

(Photos by Bauer Griffin; Getty)

You've already seen what happens when Kanye West takes direction over Kim Kardashian's wardrobe—lots of leather, see-through skirts, glorified bras worn as "tops"—but we promise, you've never seen Kim look anything like this...

On this week's episode Betty White's Off Their Rockers, Betty White's NBC comedy that features old people doing ridiculous things, the 90-year-old Golden Girl alum took it upon herself to give the flashy reality star a more, uh, grown-up look.

White somehow even convinced Kardashian to trade in her signature 5-inch stilletos for, gasp, a pair of flats—something we expect Kim won't even do during her third trimester.

Check out the full episode, below! Kim Kardashian makes her big cameo around 20:45.

Betty White seriously might just be our all-time favorite. We're still not-so-secretly obsessed with her not-at-all-fashion-related-but-super-hilarious Snickers commercial from last year. You?