Man Soap: Make Your Dude Smell Like Bacon, Urinal Mints & More

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Is regular ol' soap not manly-smelling enough for your man?

Well, the ManHands Soap Company seemed to think so. The tongue-and-cheek, uh, beauty brand recently launched a line of 19 ultra-macho soaps that include dude-approved scents like bacon, "the manliest of meats," and urinal mints — the air freshener thingy put at the bottom of urinals so they don't reek of pee. Because obviously no mint is manlier than a mint you whiz on.

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The other masculine musks include: baseball glove, beer, bonfire, brewed coffee, buttered popcorn, cannabis, cash — perfect for this suit-and-tie type — cedar log cabin, democrat, fresh cut grass, margarita, muscle rub, Nag Champa incense, obsession cologne — an oriental, woody scent men apparently "obsess" over — red wine, republican, and last but not least, top soil.

For just $7, a bar of ManHands' lathery goodness can be all yours. Check them out at, if you dare. And while we're on the topic of manly stuff, do you really think bacon is the manliest meat? For giggles, weigh in with your thoughts in our poll, below.

Poll: Is bacon really the manliest meat?
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  • Duh. Like, is that even a question?
  • Gaston hunts deer, so...