Natalie Portman Goes Swimming For Dior, Katie Holmes' Glowy Skin Secrets & More

(Photo via YouTube)

In Natalie Portman's latest fragrance campaign for Miss Dior, she takes a dip in a Dior gown, romances a hunky gentleman, and plays in a pile of roses — all to the soundtrack of Grace Jones. [YouTube]

Celebrities, even they agonize over growing their hair out. Just ask Michelle Williams. Yes, we know — we're sad to see her pixie go, too! [US Weekly]

Dear Lord, isn't waiting for your nails to dry just the worst? We think you'll enjoy this trick for speeding up the process. [Refinery29]

(Photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown)

Katie Holmes' second ad for Bobbi Brown hit stores this week, and whew boy, does her skin look flawless! Dying to know what products she used? Find out here. [Bobbi Brown Cosmetics]

It's Drew Barrymore's birthday today. Happy birthday, Drew Barrymore! In honor of our favorite kick-ass actress' day of birth, you could (and should!) slick on the exact hot pink lipstick she wore earlier this week. You know you want to. [InStyle]

Botox is on the rise. Do what you will with that information. [Huff Po]

(Photo by ImaxTree)

We're still not-so-secretly obsessing over model Chloe Norgaard's insanely cool neon hair. Apparently, we're not alone. [SheFinds]

Okay, so this one has diddly-squat to do with beauty, but we just HAD to share, because The Cut's Maureen O'Connor examined why girls type like thissss. You haaaave to read it! [The Cut]