Chanel Publishes Unseen Marilyn Monroe Footage

Chanel Publishes Unseen Marilyn Monroe Footage
(Photo via YouTube)

Chanel Publishes Unseen Marilyn Monroe Footage
Marilyn Monroe (Chanel)
Way back in 1952—way before Chanel's spokesboy Brad Pitt was even born—Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe was famously quoted about her love affair with the brand's signature scent.

The quote? When she went to bed, she wore only "five drops of Chanel No. 5" and nothing else.

Now (for the first time ever!) you can hear the words come straight from the mouth of Monroe. Chanel dug up a bunch of never-before-seen photos and film of the blonde beauty for the latest installment of its Inside Chanel video series.

Check out the black-and-white footage in the clip below, and see how lady Marilyn helped Chanel No. 5 achieve its iconic status among the stars.

Are you as obsessed with Marilyn Monroe as we are? We wonder what her stance would be on the proposed European fragrance ban—and the very-possible chance that Chanel's No. 5's formula could be altered. Hm... What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!