Actors Without Teeth, James Bond's New Perfume Goes Digital, and More!

(Photo via Buzzfeed)

Remember Actresses Without Teeth? Well, leave it to Buzzfeed to take the meme one step further. We present to you, 16 Actors Without Teeth. Is it fair that Ryan Gosling still looks hot toothless, er, hot for someone without teeths, at least? [Buzzfeed]

The well-dressed men of GQ have updated their Style Bible for 2013. Tip #22? "Don't Grow Girlfriend Hair" — aka don't style your hair to match your girlfriend's. Oof, bros... [GQ]

BEHOLD: The latest scent in the James Bond fragrance franchise and its first digital perfume. Aptly named HTTP://WWW.BONDNO9.COM, the bottle features a gigantic royal blue QR code that must be scanned for you to buy it — no in shop purchasing allowed. Go ahead, scan away! If you're willing to cough up $250, that is. [WWD, sub req.]

Photo via WWD

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes turned 27 this week (yes, the Nickelodeon generation is approaching its 30s, cue freakout) and to celebrate, she dyed her hair bright red and slapped a brunette bobbed wig on top. Um, happy birthday? Also probably worth mentioning, on Twitter, she claimed this "red-headed Amanda" is an impostor. We'll let you be the judge. [E! News]

Ralph Lauren and Essie got together and made nail polish babies. Each of the four colors coordinate with RL's signature Pony fragrance collection, of course. [InStyle]

Calling all Scandal obsessives, here's a makeup tutorial — that's not really a makeup tutorial — on how to get Olivia Pope's look. You'll see. [YouTube]

Headline: "Why You Should Be Washing Your Face With A...Diaper?" Yup. [Allure]