Kate Middleton's Secret Morning Sickness Remedy Revealed

(Photo by Bauer Griffin)

Kate Middleton (Bauer Griffin)
Hyperemesis Gravidarum, er, morning sickness might have gotten the best of Kate Middleton early on—forcing the Duchess to reveal the news that, duh, she was pregnant—but thankfully for the mom-to-be, it seems she's come up with a strange remedy to the condition. Can you guess?

According to a report in Marie Claire UK, the Duchess has been snacking on (drumroll, please...) lavender biscuits.

Lavender isn't exactly a new treatment when it comes to aiding pregnancy problems, women are sometimes advised to add lavender oil to their baths to soothe pain, relieve stress, and aid in preventing stretch marks—though usually in the later stage of pregnancy.

But, apparently, lavender-infused shortbread cookies also do the trick. Who knew?

Prince William's step-mom Camilla, and the Duchess' unofficial beauty advice giver, reportedly recommended the tasty treats to Middleton and has been shipping her boxes from London's swanky Fortnum and Mason store, along with sweets from Prince Charles' Duchy Original brand.

Tell us, what beauty/health remedies do you use when you're sick? Any strange (but life-changing!) tricks you swear by? Sound off in the comments, below!