Abigail Breslin's Platinum Makeover, How 'Orange is the New Black' Stars Got Madeunder, and More!

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Hair makeover alert! Abigail Breslin is now an icy platinum blonde. We're not sure what's more shocking: her new statement-making strands or the fact that she's now 17 years old. We'll give that a moment to, um, process. [InStyle]

Men of the world, take note: Under no circumstances should you ever, ever, ever say these things about our hair. [HuffPo]

If you happened to watch America's Next Top Model cycles 1 through 19—or, let's be real here, a single episode—you know Tyra Banks is all about her, ahem, personalities. Her latest? "Helena Bonham Tyra." [Twitter]

Now that you've (presumably) dedicated all your living, breathing free-time to Orange is the New Black, read up on how the show's makeup artist Michal Bigger created the characters' dramatic transformations—particularly Piper's! Haven't seen the series yet? Here's your PSA of the day: Watch it. [Beauty High]

That whole rule about taking your makeup off when you get on the plane—forgeddaboutit. Thanks to these new Benefit boutiques on wheels, which are being stationed at airports nationwide, we'll be trying just about every shade of, well, everything that's left in these mini beauty vending machines. Which we're betting won't be much... really, could you resist that kiosk after a three-hour-long layover? Didn't think so. [Refinery29]