BEHOLD: One Direction's New Fragrance, Gisele's Vampire Facial, and More!

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Team Niall, Team Zayn, and the rest of 1D's boy-selective worshippers now have a reason to unite. BEHOLD: One Direction's new fragrance, Our Moment, which will be available starting this fall. It's a sparkling, juicy scent with top notes of pink grapefruit, wild berries, and redcurrants. Notably missing? The dash of Teen Spirit. [StyleBistro Inbox]

Watch Gisele pull a Kim Kardashian, get a faux-blood facial, have her butt cupped, and more for Vogue Italia's June 2013 issue, below. [Vogue Italia]

Our girl crush Chrissy Teigen is, shall we say, pretty open when it comes to her beauty regimen—ahem, that Instagram, anyone?—and, well, open about everything really—have you seen her Twitter?—and, ya know what, thankfully so. Because now we know we're not the only ones who go crazy over leg stubble. (And John Legend.) [Allure]

Forget stolen iPhones and bootlegged DVDs, there's a new hot commodity these days on the black market: Hair extensions. People are breaking into salons, snatching up all of the hairs, and "sell[ing] them online or out of the trunk of their cars." Yup. [CNN Money]

After seeing this, you'll never look at a tub of Vaseline in the same way ever, ever again. [TotalBeauty]

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Have you heard this delicious morsel of news? Donuts got a makeover—a very Parisian one we must say. Ladies and gentleman, we introduce to you (if you're somehow unaware of the new phenomenon that is) the Cronut. [YumSugar]

And last but not least, this is what happens when you give a cow (yes, like, moooo cow) a blowout. [Daily Mail]

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