Bradley Cooper Wasn't Lying, He Really DID Get a Perm!

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Hopefully you've brushed up on your math skills recently, because here's an equation you've got to solve. (There's a prize at the end!) What do you get when you add Hottie McHotterson Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake's fro circa the era of Britney together? Are you ready for this?

BEHOLD: Bradley Cooper, ladies and gentleman, with a perm.

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This mind-blowing revelation comes after we fashion and beauty folk sighed a resounding "silly, Bradley" back in January for telling the press he "got a perm" for a new role.

And then few weeks ago, again, we rolled our eyes after he was spotted on the set of his new David O. Russell film in hair curlers — okay, so hair curlers aren't permanent, hence perm, but THAT hair is without a doubt permed hair, just sayin' — chalking them up to his aforementioned comment. It all made sense!

But no. We were so, so, so wrong. May this photo be proof! Bradley Cooper, will you forgive us?