Jennifer Aniston Inks Deal With Living Proof

Jennifer Aniston Inks Deal With Living Proof
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Jennifer Aniston Inks Deal With Living Proof
Jennifer Aniston (Getty)
It's been nearly 20 years since "The Rachel" haircut made waves in hair salons everywhere, and well, Jennifer Aniston—and her hair—have still got it.

According to a report in WSJ, the actress just signed a mega-deal with up-and-coming haircare line, Living Proof.

Not only is Aniston the brand's new spokesmodel—woot for JennAn hair commercials!—she's also an investor, meaning she gets input on new products, package designs, and other business ventures.

Aniston hasn't hawked hair products in eons, so why now? Apparently, she was "fascinated" by the brand's scientific approach to hair care. See, the masterminds behind the brand aren't just any ol' beauty junkies—they're a team of MIT chemical engineers and scientists.

Um, pretty cool, no? Aniston's longtime hairdresser, Chris McMillian, even gave the products his seal of approval. (Obvs, she had to run them by him. He did create the Rachel, after all.)

Does this mean what we think it means? Is this going to be the new Rachel in, you know, product form? If history tells us anything, this small haircare company is about to hit it big! What do you think? Share with us in the comments!